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Ann Palmer

CEO & Founder - Fig Tree International Ltd

Fig Tree International Ltd provides advice, challenge and support to schools both in the UK and internationally. This school improvement service has been established to give schools the opportunity to secure additional support and to provide high-quality training and help. The team consists of experienced advisers/consultants with a strong track record of improvement and a thorough understanding of educational contexts.

We also work with corporations and other organisations in a leadership,  coaching and  team-training capacity.


Freeman of the City of London

Member of The Guild of Freemen of the City of London


The Platinum Jubilee Pageant and Fig Tree International

One of only 115 Certified Breakthrough Coaching Advanced Practitioner Coaches in the world!


'Education is the most powerful weapon which can​ change the world.' 

Nelson Mandela


Fig Tree International Ltd

'I highly recommend Ann Palmer, one of the top CEOs in England and the world if you want to complete leadership CPD or professional development.  She is a visionary leader who has coached CEOs, Executive Heads, Senior and Middle Leaders and entry level candidates.

I have witnessed her inspirational workshops and coaching.  I recommend her and her team.  Do not hesitate to book her as a keynote speaker.  The audience will be enthralled.  She is a leadership guru, a national treasure and includes training for global leaders overseas.'  Javay


Fig Tree International was shortlisted as one of seventy organisations in the Commonwealth and is featured in the official commemorative album which charts Her Late Majesty The Queen’s 70-year reign and Platinum Jubilee 2022.

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International visit to Accra, in Ghana, for leaders in education, arranged and led by the CEO of Fig Tree International, in partnership with the British Council



Why Our Clients choose Us

Fig Tree International Ltd has very significant experience in the field of education.  We are professional, reliable and outcome-focused.  We are values-driven and values -led.


Within Fig Tree International Ltd, there is experience of working within the primary and secondary phases, and partnering with universities.  We have worked with principals, senior teams, Ofsted, the Department for Education, Governing Bodies, SEND specialist provisions, government and voluntary sector organisations, and corporations. Our international work has included partnering with the British Council and others.  Fig Tree International Ltd is diverse and inclusive. 


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