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~ The Confident Series ~

For UK and International Schools

Fig Tree international Ltd has established a very successful 'Be Confident' series. It is led leaders with success leadership experience within education, at both primary and secondary phases. We are now accepting applications for Autumn and Spring.

'The Confident Series' is expanding rapidly for schools and individuals who wish to ensure that they have knowledge, skills and understanding to improve themselves and their schools.



The Confident ECT


Target Audience: ITTs, Training Schools, Trainee Teachers & ECTs


We have a very successful series of live and recorded webinars which aim to inform and instil confidence. The webinars are entitled 'The Confident ECT'. It is crucial that all teaching professionals, regardless of the stage in their careers, feel well-supported and able to take on the challenges of a modern-day education system.


Webinar 1 - 'The upspoken word is now spoken'. Hear from somebody who has just finished their ECT experience

Webinar 2 - Managing Classroom Behaviour

Webinar 3 - SEND and Adaptive Teaching

Webinar 4 - Applying for Jobs

Webinar 5 - Safeguarding and Child Protection

Webinar 6 - ~the role of the tutor/classroom teacher

Webinar 7 - The role of Governance

Webinar 8 - Working with Parents

Webinar 9 - Classroom Environment and Organisation

Webinar 10 - 'Take Your Marks, Get Set, Go!' The final in this series of webinars works on the basis that trainee teachers and ECTs alike need enough knowledge to evoke confidence, allowing them to feel secure and to sine in their new role.



Available now for 2023 - 2024


Example of Facilitators

Price:  Please contact us for our prices

The Confident Middle Leader

Target Audience: Middle Leaders, Aspiring Middle Leaders, 2ic's and leaders-in-waiting


Are you going to be new to middle leadership and need to explore the importance of this role? Then these webinars are for you.


I n these webinar we explore some of the theory surrounding middle leadership, however, you will also leave with some very practical ideas:

In session one for example, we highlight;

•how to set a clear Vision for your team, using effective communication

•how to be informed about the characteristics of effective teams

•team-building and conflict management

•how all individuals within your team can contribute to the team

•how to set up structures for monitoring the work of your team

You will also hear from somebody who is currently working successfully as a middle leader.

Now is the time to prepare so that you have thinking and implementation time. Take the time for yourself and some

excellent CPD.


Webinar 1 - How to create a vision for your team and ensure that all members will contribute effectively to the team

Webinar 2 - Be a confident Head of Department or Head of Year.  How to demonstrate your leadership skills

Webinar 3 - Applying for jobs (those aspiring to middle leadership roles)

Webinar 4 - Leading and having impact

Webinar 5 - Using data effectively

Webinar 6 - Deep Dives

Webinar 7 - Preparing for Inspection

Webinar 8 - Personal Reflection on strengths and areas for development


Available now for 2023 - 2024


To view when the next series of webinars are taking place, please keep an eye on our Events Page.


Price: £500 for all 8 webinars or £75 plus VAT, per module

The Confident Senior Leader

Online Training for Middle leaders aspiring to Senior Leaders, Assistant Head Teachers and Deputy Headteachers

Webinar 1 - Welcome to the Programme. Expectations and Self Reflections

Webinar 2 - Leadership Styles and Professional Behaviours

Webinar 3 - Vision and Direction Setting

Webinar 4 - Leading and Developing Others

Webinar 5 - Using whole school data effectively

Webinar 6 - The role of Governors

Webinar 7 - Finance and Human Resources

Webinar 8 - Leading Teaching and Learning to raise standards

Webinar 9 - School Improvement Planning

Webinar 10 - Leading through OFSTED

Webinar 11 -Personal Reflection



Available now for 2023- 2024



Price: £1100 for all 11 webinars or £110 plus VAT, per module


The Confident Executive Leadership Programme

The Confident Executive Leadership programme is the premium programme for BAME leaders in the UK.  Through utilising the experience of CEOs, experienced headteachers and advisors, the programme guides participants, whilst re-affirming the skills, knowledge and understanding required to lead a school or group of schools through to sustainable improvement. With a proven track record in senior leadership, our facilitators have the drive and desire to impact on our leaders of the future in order to ensure that more BAME leaders move through to the positions of Headteacher, Executive Headteacher and CEO.

If this is your journey, then join the programme now



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