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What We Offer


~ Our Services at Fig Tree International Ltd ~

~ Overview ~ 

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

  • Individual and Groups
  • 1 to 1 coaching for headteachers and senior leaders
  • Coaching and mentoring for new Chairs of Governors/Trust Boards, those new to leadership at any level

Leadership Support

  • S upport and/or challenge for senior leadership teams
  • Governance/Proprietors Support
  • Setting of Vision & School Improvement Planning
  • Setting and reviewing strategy
  • Support with Performance Management
  • Support with appointment of senior posts
  • HR and Financial Support

School Improvement

  • Whole School/Academy reviews
  • Departmental reviews
  • Pre-inspection reviews
  • Safeguarding reviews
  • Self Evaluation

Keynote Speaking

  • Fig Tree conferences and events
  • Bespoke motivational talks
  • Exploring particular issues through presentations
  • Opening or concluding keynotes for conferences

Training and Continued Professional Development

  • Conferences
  • Customised Workshops
  • Team training sessions

​​Independent Schools Standards & Compliance

  • Governor Training - roles and responsibilities
  • Support with completion of documentation
  • Training on the ISS
  • Review of compliance

International Development

  • System-level change management - support for education departments
  • Conferences and wider school training
  • Organisation-wide strategy, planning or training

Corporate Leadership Training

  • Team building
  • Team training
  • Executive coaching

~ Services In Brief ~


" As coaches, we equip people to be in touch with their best selves."

Clyde Lowstuter

(Clyde Lowstuter has been a visionary thought leader and pioneer in the field designing and leading corporate coaching and team building since 1975)

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Regardless of your field of work, coaching can bring out the best in you and support your emotional growth and performance ability.  My coaching increases your personal confidence by developing your soft skills in;

  • leadership styles
  • motivation
  • emotional intelligence
  • self-awareness
  • listening
  • communication

If you are an headteacher or senior leader who would like 1 to 1 coaching and support, then please get in touch.

If you are new into leadership or about to take on a different leadership role, then we can help.

Leadership Support

We support by contributing to your success story in a number of wa ys, enabling you to focus on the raising standards agenda. Our leadership support covers leadership at all levels, including governance.  Fig Tree International Ltd cover governors roles and responsibilities, Code of Conduct and compliance etc.

Depending on the agreed brief, we develop bespoke support packages which cater to your needs.  Our service includes offering advice, feedback and recommendations.  If any of this is of interest, we can help.


  “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John C Maxwell

(John C Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership.)


"Don’t be afraid of fear. Because it sharpens you, it challenges you, it makes you stronger; and when you run away from fear, you also run away from the opportunity to be your best possible self."

Ed Helms, Knox College

(Ed Helms is an actor and journalist.)

Keynote Speaking

An effective key-note speaker drives the ambition of your conference or training event.  We focus on bespoke motivational talks of different lengths.  We can e xplore particular issues through presentations and deliver opening or concluding keynotes for conferences.  We organise our own conferences and facilitate events.  Our talks are described as;

"inspirational and fantastic"

​School Im​provement

Our range of school improvement support programmes is extensive.  We adapt according to the brief and needs of our clients.  Although we cover whole school, departmental and pre-inspection reviews, and safeguarding reviews, our services do not exclusively fall into these categories.  We can also assist you with the setting of your School Vision and/or school improvement planning.  

Contact us and we will see if we can help!


"Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends."

Brian Tracy

(Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages.)


“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

Robin Sharma

(Robin Sharma is considered to be one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world.)

Training and Continued Professional Development

Our training and CPD programmes are bespoke and personalised.  

More generally, there are popular training sessions focused on effective leadership.  Our custom workshops can cover curriculum focused or school improvement focused initiatives.  If there are particular subjects which need support, we will do what we can to facilitate using our specialist consultants.

In addition, we hold regular conferences on a variety of topics.  These are profiled in our regular newsletter, on social media and via Eventbrite.  If you would like us to tailor a conference to the needs of your staff/teams, this can be done.  Just let us know.


Independent Schools Standards 



Independent schools face particular challenges in ensuring compliance with standards and we have a strong track record in supporting headteachers and Chairs in the independent sector to build the capacity of their senior teams and boards in promoting, supporting and monitoring best practice in this sector. If you have questions  about compliance, we are able to support.  We offer training packages for senior leaders,  including governors and support you with senior staff recruitment.  Our whole school reviews assist with instilling confidence.


"To see what is right and not to do it is want of courage, or of principle."



"It's not enough to train today's workforce. We also have to prepare tomorrow's workforce by guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education."

Barack Obama

International Development

If you are interested in any of the following, we can help:  System-level change management; support for education departments; c onferences and wider school training; organisation-wide strategy, planning or training.

The Founder of Fig Tree International Ltd has been fortunate enough to visit a range of countries/areas, paying particular attention to their education systems; including; UK, Sweden, Greece, South Africa, Chicago, New Orleans, China, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, France, New York and The Netherlands.

We have worked with the British Council, including Erasmus and Comenius.  We have organised international visits for groups of staff from across several schools and successfully worked with groups of schools internationally..

Corporate Leadership Training

Our Corporate package provides a platform for growth, both at a personal level through our coaching programme, or at an organisation level, in terms of our bespoke training packages.  If it is team training that you are interested in, then please get in touch.  We have knowledge about the workforce of the future.

We also support to establish effective engagement and involvement with education, clients, service users, staff and local community groups.


" Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie

(Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist, and philanthropist.)


Benefits of working with us

You are in safe hands

Ann, the Founder of Fig Tree International Ltd is an highly experienced and successful Education Leader and Consultant with an excellent reputation. Her experience within education is both broad and diverse, including over 14 years of successful Headship experience at both primary and secondary phases. She has a recognised ability to lead rapid school improvement and is strategic and extremely proficient.  She is an established Consultant, having worked across a range of schools, mentoring, coaching and training governors, principals, senior leaders and other staff.

Significant Roles, Achievements & Endorsements;

- Chair of the Prince William Award Regional Advisory Group England

- Work described as ‘being of the highest order and always first rate’ (NPQH)

- ‘A leader who leads with flair and vision’ (OFSTED)

- Outstanding Headship experience

- NPQH Coaching qualification

- Key note speaker and facilitator on NPQH programme

- Chartered Urban Leader status (awarded top grade in all categories)

- Previous accredited OFSTED Inspector

- Accredited School Improvement Partner for Department for Education

- Executive Principal's Diploma

- Previous member of SSAT Academies Principal's Steering Group & Higher Education Steering Group

- Key note speaker on Leadership Pathways

- Facilitator on Tomorrow's Heads programme

- Women Leading in Education Coach

- Guest professional on Jonathan Dimbleby's 'The Big Debate'

- Nominee Nexus Education Awards 2021

Ann is working with an inspiring group of experience professionals with specialist expertise across the breadth of education practice and policy, who are contributing to Fig Tree International Ltd's relevant, bespoke and reliable offer.

Feel Free To Contact Us For A Brief Discussion

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