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~ Our Impact To Date ~

300 Years of Leadership and Innovation

Fig Tree International is proud to be one of a very small number of organisations represented in the Leadership and Innovation book.  Launched to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the appointment of Britain’s first prime minister & Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th birthday, the book celebrates leadership across the full spectrum of British society & those pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The launch of the book was celebrated at an event in Westminster Abbey.


Ann has exceeded expectations.  Everything she has done has been most impressive. She is really committed and works hard. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is an exceptional leader. Ann has a fantastic relationship with children and leads by example.

Linda - Chair of Governors

'Ann is really brilliant and a keen supporter.'


Joe Treacy

Head of Membership, Chartered College of Teaching

'Effective, efficient 

and thorough'

National Professional Qualification for Headship

An outstanding practitioner who is conscientious, enthusiastic and extremely hardworking.



Executive Personal Assistant


Ann is a  dynamic leader who brings out the best in others.  She is enthusiastic in her work with students and adults.  She has medium and long-term well thought-out plans that help to improve the performance of both students, teachers, leaders and other employees within a workforce.  Ann is a brilliant organiser.  She has a great sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with.

Angela - SENDCo and Senior Leader


Ann is the type of educational leader who considers any challenge as an opportunity to innovate and develop. She is a bold professional who will embrace and adopt new ideas with admirable ease. For example, in my role as International Coordinator, under Ann's headship, I can say that her incredible support and guidance was a key ingredient in the emphatic success of a number of International School projects that our school was leading on. She has gained the respect and admiration of all our European partners through her dedication, expertise and her wicked sense of humour.

Ann's vast experience and knowledge in educational leadership combined with her natural open-mindedness and deep values means she is the person you can be sure to receive sound advice from on any aspect of Education in the UK and beyond.

Avni Aliaj - Middle Leader - Secondary Education

"From mainscale teacher through to executive leadership, Ann can guide, mould, and mentor staff into the people they want to be.  Passionate and caring, clever and knowledgable, she is the very personification of the modern day leader."

Kevin - Advanced Skills Teacher


Ann Palmer is a real influencer.  She introduced me to 'open lid' thinking.  As my NPQH Mentor, she saw me as a Headteacher when I was just at Assistant Head level.  I have now gone on to lead my own company.  Thank you Ann! Keep inspiring leaders.

Dennise - Director at The Lead Curriculum

Ann is inspirational in the way she motivates staff. I have seen this first hand in the way staff engage with her ideas and also in NPQH training when Ann has been the visiting speaker, talking about ‘Vision into Practice’. Course participants are always positive about her input with many of them following her talk with visits to her school to see the work first hand.

She is a capable woman who will not shirk from her responsibilities. She is articulate, able to analyse a situation and make a plan that will result in improvement at both operational and strategic levels. She is a motivator.

Linda - School Improvement Partner


"Thank you so much for another splendid talk.  I have now done the evaluation for the conference and you came out as the highlight in 75% of all returns."

Pam - NPQH

Ann Palmer is an inspiration to the education sector.

The consultancy she has on offer, is the way forward! Once you have the support on board- you’ll never look back again… A* service!!

Tanyel - Learning Mentor


Ann is the most inspirational school leader I have worked with in my career.  Ann has a clear, progressive and incisive vision for education and for the teams under her guidance.  I have learnt, and continue to learn, a great deal from this extraordinarily talented person.

Danielle - Specialist Maths Teacher and Maths Lead


"Inspirational and fantastic presentation."

"A memorable talk"

"A Super Role Model, thanks!"

"Really great - inspiring"

"Your input was terrific.  You know how to listen & facilitate.  Don't stop!"



Everywhere Ann goes, she develops strong, effective, and long-lasting relationships. Everything Ann does, is a success!

Ann saw the potential in me over a decade ago and coached me throughout my career. She is unlike any other leader I have worked with: approachable, motivating, inspiring, and her sense of humour is second to none.

I am very lucky to be able to call Ann my mentor and my friend.

Kora - HR Consultant


"You are simply phenomenal, Ann"

Diana - BSC (hons) MA NPQH PQSI ILM5

Courageous Leadership & The Academy of Women's Leadership


I have great respect for your strength and determination to do the right thing in leadership

Allana  - Headteacher and FCCT


Thank you Ann for always being present.. Your work, encouragement and support is inspirational. Truly humbling to know you and work with you

Arv  - BAME into Leadership


Thanks Ann for all the amazing work you do. It’s an honour and a privilege to stand with you


Penny - Member @BAMEedNetwork


I speak for the Liberal Democrats in the Lords on education, have been a teacher and, during the coalition government, was a whip and Minister in the Department for Education for four years. As such, I have met very many teachers and can recognise an outstanding one when I meet one.

Ann Palmer is just such a one. I have had the privilege of visiting three of the schools where she has been involved. At all of them, she was instrumental in turning them round, achieving immeasurable opportunities for the young people in her charge. At each, I was immensely impressed by the respect, admiration and affection in which she was held by staff and students. She is a dedicated, inspirational teacher and teacher manager, whose hard work, skills and enthusiasm, have been transformational for the young people who had the good fortune to cross her path. 

Susan E Garden - Baroness Garden

House of Lords


Benefits of working with Us

You are in safe hands

Ann, the Founder of Fig Tree International Ltd is an highly experienced and successful Education Leader and Consultant with an excellent reputation. Her experience within education is both broad and diverse, including over 14 years of successful Headship experience at both primary and secondary phases. She has a recognised ability to lead rapid school improvement and is strategic and extremely proficient. She is an established Consultant, having worked across a range of schools, mentoring, coaching and training governors, principals, senior leaders and other staff.

Key Strengths;

- Ability to work with school leaders at a strategic and operational level

- Analytical and innovative thinker

- High levels of interpersonal skills, including conflict management

- Excellent knowledge of school improvement strategies

- Excellent communication skills

- Highly articulate and self motivated

- Good humoured and approachable

- Ability to coach, mentor, model and train 

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