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Training & Continued Professional Development

Persistence, perseverance, and continuous improvement are the ingredients for forming a successful person.

Debasish Mridha


How Fig Tree International Ltd Can Support You

Our training and Continued Professional Development programmes are bespoke and personalised.

More generally, there are popular training sessions focused on effective leadership. Our custom workshops can cover curriculum-focused or school improvement focused initiatives. If there are particular subjects which need support, we will do what we can to facilitate using our specialist consultants.

In addition, we hold regular conferences on a variety of topics. These are profiled in our regular newsletter, on social media and via Eventbrite. If you would like us to tailor a conference to the needs of your staff/teams, this can be done too.


Fig Tree Capture

  • Conferences
  • Customised Workshops
  • Team Training Sessions
  • Online training for Trainee Teachers & NQTs
  • Mental Health and Well Being

~ Let's Explore Further ~

Fig Tree Intl Ltd offers professional training, education and support.  This includes short and long courses, workshops, and conferences.  The aim is to improve practical skills and collaboration, further research-based knowledge and develop performance to impact on student achievement.


Customised Workshops  

These workshops are personalised and customised to whatever the requirements of the school are. Calling upon current and historical research, our package covers a wide range of school improvement areas.   Examples of these include outstanding leadership and management, being an effective Head of Department and enabling strategies to improve teaching and learning.  If you would like training for a particular subject area, then please let us know.  Being an advocate of the Chartered College of Teaching, we access to good quality research informed practice.



Fig Tree International Ltd hosts conferences throughout the year. Our clients also call upon us to run conferences in their schools on areas of interest to them and their organisations.  Our conferences are professional and informative.  In line with our company Vision, we aim to inform, motivate and inspire.  Our range of speakers and facilitators are skilled in particular areas.  If you would like to meet our Founder and engage with her directly, why not come to one of our publicised conferences.


At conferences, we partner with other providers and exhibitors who wish to publicise their services.  If you a company who would like to set up a stand at one of our conferences, then please complete this form .   

Team Training Sessions

  "As a result of their engagement in the organisation wide processes, teachers are actively involved in studying professional problems, making decisions about what to do, and committed to achieving results in implementing those decisions"  

(Owens 2004).  

Inevitably teams can function better when they have explored the function of teams and how they work.  Using the strength of teams can improve accountability and deliver the organisation's required aims and outcomes.  In our team training sessions, we inform and can touch on existing issues which may or may not exist within particular teams.  We are keen to demonstrate that effective teams should exist at all levels.  Through our practical and knowledge-based training sessions, we aim to leave teams empowered and clear about expectations. 


Our Training and CPD packages are 1/2 days - 3 days, with longer term packages available, as requested.

~ The Confident Series ~

Fig Tree international Ltd has established a very successful 'Be Confident' series. It is led by a leader with over thirty years of success leadership experience within education, at both primary and secondary phases.

The Confident NQT 


Target Audience: Trainee Teachers & NQTs

We have a very successful series of live and recorded webinars which aim to inform and instil confidence.  The webinars are entitled ' The Confident NQT '.  It is crucial that all teaching professionals, regardless of the stage in their careers, feel well-supported and able to take on the challenges of a modern-day education system.


If there are no webinars, currently scheduled, please leave your details and we will get in touch when they become available.

The Confident Middle Leader

Online Training for Middle leaders, Aspiring Middle leaders, 2ic's and leaders- in waiting.  


Are you going to be new to middle leadership and need to explore the importance of this role? Then these webinars are for you. 


In these webinar we explore some of the theory surrounding middle leadership, however, you will also leave with some very practical ideas:

In session one for example, we highlight;

•how to set a clear Vision for your team, using effective communication

•how to be informed about the characteristics of effective teams

•team-building and conflict management

•how all individuals within your team can contribute to the team

•how to set up structures for monitoring the work of your team

You will also hear from somebody who is currently working successfully as a middle leader.

Now is the time to prepare so that you have thinking and implementation time. Take the time for yourself and some 

excellent CPD .   

To view when the next series of webinars are taking place, please keep an eye on our Events Page.


If there are no webinars, currently scheduled, please leave your details and we will get in touch when they become available.


The Confident Senior Leader

Online Training for aspiring Senior Leaders,  Assistant Head Teachers and Deputy Headteachers


If there are no webinars, currently scheduled, please leave your details and we will get in touch when they become available.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Well-being and awareness of mental health needs has always been apparent, but now it has come to the fore.  Never before has the profession been under so much stress.  We can help/support.

Specialist training available for leaders, staff, parents or students.  Find out more by sending us a message.


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