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Coaching & Mentoring

Have you thought about being coached by Fig Tree?

Persistence, perseverance, and continuous improvement are the ingredients for forming a successful person.

Debasish Mridha



What Is Professional Coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship which actively intervenes and helps people produce positive transformations in their personal lives, careers, relationships, businesses and organisations.


The Key Benefits of Coaching

Through powerful questioning techniques, lateral thinking outside the box, giving you space to feel and think, coaching focuses on helping the client discover answers for themselves.  This has an empowering impact on you as the client.  Coaching unlocks incredible potential and enables;

  • Greater awareness, self-discovery and clarity over what you want.
  • Greater understanding and future direction
  • Inspiration and new motivation for people to maximise their potential
  • Greater focus and being proactive
  • Improved resilience
  • Higher levels of performance and increased energy levels
  • Smarter goal setting
  • Increased confidence, social skills and soft skills
  • Better communication

“Invest in yourself to get the best interest.”

Debasish Mridha

You Are Worth It!


100% of clients who are coached or mentored by Fig Tree International achieve a promotion, if that is what they are aspiring to. 



What can my clients expect from me?

A trajectory of personal and professional growth

An on-going safety net of professional support, as and when it is needed

Why do I coach?

I am passionate about leadership and seeing the potential of leadership in others. I remember throughout my own time as a leader seeing how people can be treated, both in a positive manner, but also adversely, by different organisations and that’s when I knew I was onto something. I support those with immense capability for promotion, but also those who may not recognise their own potential or lack confidence. I enable them to be heard, move them onto a trajectory of personal and professional growth and provide an on-going safety net of professional support, as and when it is needed. I do this by promoting client understanding and being future-focused.

  • Completion of work to a higher standard
  • Better focus, reduced stress and greater confidence
  • Ability to strategise, as necessary
  • Clarity and a picture of future vision
  • Honest and useful feedback
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased employee engagement
  • To be heard, in an empathetic and present manner
  • Skills of persuasion
  • An experienced response
  • A brainstorming & processing partner to simplify their business
  • Some humour and fun
  • Increased self awareness
  • Gain clarity and direction with their decision making.
  • Uncover their innate creativity and curiosity.
  • Increase their authenticity and confidence to achieve their goals

Ann as a Coach

I have a well-established career in professional coaching  and mentoring and many have journeyed through the education profession and corporate world, with my support and guidance. From coaching executive leaders, heads and aspiring heads, I originally coached via the NQPH programme.

Subsequently, clients have come from a variety of fields.  I was a 'Women Leading in Education' Coach and am currently a Coach with the Academy of Women's Leadership.  In wanting to learn from the best in the world in terms of coaching models, I embarked on a learning journey with Marcia, Reynolds, the recognised, 5th best Coach in the world, who advocates a reflective-enquiry approach and coaching the person and not the problem.

As a coach, I move between a client-discovery approach, with some traditional teacher.  My questions are designed so that the client learns about themselves.  

I promote:

Client understanding and reflection

Your coaching experience will be:


I believe in an awareness-based coaching approach.   If you want a coaching style that is going to take you to the next level, then my coaching style is for you.  No holes barred, you will find out anything from how to deal with difficult conversations to dealing with work and life challenges.


Ann Palmer - FCCT

Executive Coach


'There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.'

Tom Krause, 

motivational speaker, and author.

'If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.'

Fred Devito

VP of Mind-Body training

Make an investment in yourself.  Book an informal consultation now.

~ Professional Coaching Packages ~


Package No.1

VIP Professional/Executive and Life Coaching for Individuals


Our basis package starts with a one day intensive or 12 sessions across four months.  

The private coaching sessions take place using Zoom.


If your professional needs are more longer term and involve planning for your future, our enhanced packages may be more suitable for you.


VIP Coaching Package 1


VIP Coaching Package 2 

'Dynamic Evolution'

VIP Coaching Package 3

'Determined Transformation'



Package No.2

Professional and Career Coaching for Individuals


Designed specifically for professionals aiming to evaluate or take that next step in their career or their businesses, our individual coaching packages are personalised and flexible. Fig Tree International Ltd can work towards defining your career, business and entrepreneurial goals, whether these are in relation to getting a new job, internal promotion, job interviews, improving your performance or performance management. The sessions will improve your self esteem, confidence and communication skills.

Our basis package starts  with 6 sessions across two or three months.  

The private coaching sessions take place using Zoom.

If your professional needs are more longer term and involve planning for your future, our enhanced packages may be more suitable for you.



Package No.3

Coaching for Leaders

(CEOs (both in education and corporate), Executive Heads, Principals, aspiring or newly appointed Heads and Senior Leaders) 


Building on similar skills to the 'professional and career coaching for individuals' package, our 1 to 1 coaching for leaders package focuses on your development as a leader, defining clear goals and objectives.  We will explore emotional intelligence.  You will define your own personal values and how these are reflected in your practice. We want to support you with achieving your professional or business goals.

Our coaching for leaders package starts with 6 sessions across 6 months.

The private coaching sessions take place on Zoom.

If your professional needs are more longer term, our enhanced packages may be more suitable for you.


Package No.4

Team Coaching


Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” 

Steve Jobs

This quote significantly applies to education also.  Defining vision as a group and realising this in a practical sense is not always easy.  Coaching can support teams with being effective or more effective.  We will explore self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  We will develop listening skills.

Our coaching for Groups package are longer, more intense sessions, with follow up and excellent outcomes.

The session take place using by Face-to-Face


Men Only and Female Only Team Sessions

This comprises of 5 Team mentoring/coaching sessions (you will be in groups of no more than 10)

Sessions at place

'Tailored to my needs and thought -provoking;

You will learn:

* how to involve yourself in deeper discussion and respectfully respond, without judgment

* about group dynamics

* about body language

* how to manoeuvre through and deal with different situations and grow in your career path


Team Sessions

Do you want to get your teams working in an organised, reflective, empathetic and efficient way?

Then this is for you.


Package No.5

Coaching for Organisations

If there is a specific short-term goal which you want to achieve, this coaching package is designed for you.  We will work with you to define your vision, goals and strategy.  We will explore mindset in relation to your goals.

Our coaching for organisation package is a longer, more intense session, with follow up.

The private coaching sessions take place using Zoom or Teams.  Face to Face may also be available.


~ Mentoring Packages ~


Package No. 6

Mentoring Leaders


Our Mentoring Leaders package falls into two categories and has evolved from the present need to problem solve.  Whether you are a leader who is looking for a quick turnaround by knowing what the right questions are to ask or you are dealing with a more difficult issue, we can support.

This package is a shorter more intense session, with follow up.

The private mentoring sessions take place using Zoom .

Our second Mentoring Leaders package is defined by the 'just a quick question' scenario.  Some questions are neither quick nor easy.


Why not request a complimentary telephone discussion?

If you are interested in us working together, telephone or email us to book a complimentary 

up to 40 minutes confidential consultation to confirm what you want to achieve and how I might assist.

Most coaching packages are online via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.  Larger packages can be conducted face-to-face.

We have clients in the UK and internationally.



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What to do next

Contact us so that we can establish what you want to achieve and if we can help you.  Complete the form or book a consultation



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