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Race into Action

The Anti-Racism Award for Multi-Academy Trusts

Open for Applications


N .B . Please note that the form below is for the MAT Level Anti-Racism Award - Race into Action .  If you are an individual school or a MAT looking for your schools to becoming involved in the RACE Charter Mark, then please following this link.

About Race into Action

Welcome to the Race into Action race equality award for Multi-Academy Trusts . Fig Tree International have  worked with stakeholders and facilitators to develop this award for MATs . The Race into Action award is an executive level award and seeks to support, recognise and accredit best practice for those MATs that wish to demonstrate their commitment to action and improvement in relation to race equality in all aspects of their work, as strategic leaders, educators, employers and community leaders.


The Race into Action award offers a formal way of championing race equality and confirming to all stakeholders that you, as a Trust, are prioritising an inclusive culture where staff, students, parents and partners of all ethnicities are valued. The Race into Action process results in providing you with training and an action plan which moves you forward in terms of your race equality and inclusion thinking and practice , which works alongside the organisation’s strategic planning documentation is reviewed regularly to ensure that progress is being made and sustained. 

Developed by leaders who have extensive, direct  leadership experience, the Race into Action Award will frame your Multi-Academy Trust's conversation and actions, moving forward.

'Racism is not an issue which is resolved by inactivity.'


'Working Together'

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W e believe in the power of collective practice.  In the area of race equality, this is crucial. We believe that leaders in schools, academies, colleges and centres need to be ' consciously aware ' of what can be subtly happening around them and be ready to take appropriate action. The Self Evaluative Framework of Race into Action is formed to be both practical, challenging and supports effective sustainable practice.  It supports with the evaluative and action-planning process, whilst developing best practice. 

Race into Action empowers Multi-Academy Trusts to clearly signpost their good and excellent practice in relation to race equality.  This, coupled with a unique opportunity for under-going training, makes this is an excellent, and what will be a nationally recognised award.

High-Quality Training

An integral part of the award is high quality race equality training led by established professionals who know how to develop inclusive environments and a diverse workforce.  Incorporated in this, is training for Trustees, the executive team and HR staff across the Trust.

Examples of what may be included in the training 

  • Talent Management to increase diversity
  • Using Positive Action
  • Creating a positive, racially inclusive environment - Group Coaching
  • Recruiting a diverse Board/Governing Body/Trustees
  • How to foster allyship within your organisation and community
  • How to have difficult conversations about race

Levels of the Race in Action Award

Indicated below are levels of the Award, differentiated by the additional support and offer you will receive.  




Expression of Interest Form AND Application Form below

Race Into Action - Apply Now


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P lease note that the Race into Action application process begins upon submission of this form.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.


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Expression of Interest Form

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Further Race Equality Bespoke Training

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