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The Race And Conscious Equality Charter Mark

"There is no vaccine for racism.  We have to do the work."

Senator Kamala Harris


RACE Charter Mark - Apply Now


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P lease note that the RACE Charter Mark application process begins upon submission of this form.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.


Name of Applicant*

Applicant Email Address*

Role of Applicant*

Name of School/College/Centre*

School/College/Centre Address, incl. postcode*

Phase of School/College/Centre*

School/College/Centre Email Address*

Contact Phone Number*

Will you be the person leading the RACE work?*

If not, please name of RACE Charter Mark School Lead

Email Address of RACE Leader, if not yourself.

If not yourself, what is the RACE Lead's role in the school?

Headteacher Confirmation*

Email Address of Finance*

Purchase Order Number*

Are you a SSAT subscribed school?*

Are you a MAT or Local Authority Group of schools all applying together?*

Anything further that we need to know? If applying as a MAT, please confirm how many schools are applying.

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