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Promotion Readiness

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What is included in the Promotion-Readiness programme?


There are 5 Core Essential Webinars


Session 1 SATURDAY 30TH JANUARY 2020 9.15AM - 10.15AM

Dynamic processes of recruitment (what legally and practically guides this process?)  

Session 2 SATURDAY 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 9.15AM - 10.15AM

Am I prepared? - (Career development & leadership skills)

Session 3 - SATURDAY 13TH FEBRUARY 2020 9.15AM - 10.15AM

  Application Writing & Personal Statements

Session 4 SATURDAY 27TH FEBRUARY 2020 9.15AM - 10.15AM

Mock Interviews

Session 5 - SATURDAY 6TH MARCH 2020 9.15AM - 10.15AM

Promotion Readiness

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