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The Fig Tree VIP Leadership Group

What is the VIP Leadership Group  ?

A significant number of diverse and ethnic leaders have encountered Fig Tree International in one way or another.  This has usually been through coaching/mentoring, or through one of the professional development programmes which Fig Tree International offers.  Fig Tree International  are one of the only companies that offer a wrap-around model, which ensures that professionals from a diverse background receive support, above and beyond the norm.  The intention has always been to ensure that leadership, in the UK and beyond, reflects society and the communities we serve.


The VIP Leadership Group provides the opportunity for leaders, like yourself,  to maintain a level of support in less formal ways, after you have ceased a formal programme with Fig Tree.  Whilst some will continue to receive coaching and executive coaching and join the range of activities on offer, this VIP network has been put in place to ensure that you continue to be informed, motivated and inspired on your leadership journey.


What will the Fig Tree VIP Leadership group be doing?

(Online Events)

  • Spotlight - Someone's professional story - 20 minutes
  • Masterclass Training led by one member of the group - 30minutes
  • Peer Mentoring Support Session (in pairs) - 20 minutes 
  • 20 minutes in a smaller forum
  • Q & A with Fig Tree International - 10 minutes

N.B.  The masterclass can be focused on research, a leadership issue, an education/leadership book, a current educational issue, discussion-based around leadership styles or something similar etc.

(Physical Events)

N.B. We hope to have physical meetings too, with the possibility of taking part in international visits also, if these can be arranged.  Any additional costs incurred by these events are not covered in the subscription fee shown below.


How often will the VIP group meet?

The VIP Leadership Group meets once a monthly.  

Owing to work commitments of the group, we meet on Saturday mornings, between 9am - 10.30/10.45am


Is it possible for a person who has not accessed Fig Tree's support before to join this group?

This is possible, however, the individual will need to undertake an short and informal, 'getting to know you' interview process.

Please note that the VIP Leadership Group has a target audience of those in Senior or Executive Leadership positions.  We welcome middle leaders with aspirations to move through to senior leadership too.


Expectations for VIP Leadership Group Membership

As a member of the VIP Leadership Group, you will be expected to;

-   Support at least one leader from a diverse background, who is outside of the group, at some point in the year

-  Champion the work of Fig Tree International, signposting professionals, as necessary

-   Open doors for other diverse professionals and leaders.  If there are roles advertised which may be of interest, raise awareness etc

-   Attend the VIP meetings, as far as is feasibly possible and contribute well

-   Periodically, be prepared to lead the training of others

-   Keep up to date with developments in education and contribute to discussions regarding this

-   Abide by the confidentiality within the group as some members may choose to share their experiences and journeys

Masterclass Provisional Dates

(Saturdays: 9am - 10.45am)

Screenshot 2023-09-06 145319.png

Lord Simon Woolley - spotlighted at one of our events


VIP Leadership Group Membership


The VIP Leadership Group is a subscription network, with an annual membership requirement.  The fee of this is £336.00, plus VAT.  You can also pay by monthly instalments.  This works out at £35.00p/m  which is an incredible investment for the ongoing training, support and networking opportunities.  This covers meetings throughout the year, except during August.


N.B.  The above includes a 30 day cooling-off period, after which the fee becomes non-refundable, providing the meetings have not been accessed.


N.B.  As this is a professional network, some schools/organisations may be willing to cover the cost of you being a member.


N.B.  Potential members can join throughout the year, as this is an annual rolling membership network.  Please note that your commit is for 12 months in the first instance.


N.B.  Formal coaching and mentoring remains as a paid service offered by Fig Tree International.


N.B. All network members are expected to contribute positively to the network. Cancellation of membership will be determined by Fig Tree International, if required.

Membership cancellation:  Membership is annual and cancellation should be notified to Fig Tree International at least one month before the 12 months expires.

Post-joining, you will receive an email providing you with access instructions.

Why should I join?

We would like ethnically diverse leaders to have the ongoing support which they require, in order to be successful.  Very little exists which is unique to this important group.

'We understand.'

GDPR: By subscribing, I consent to having this website store my submitted information so that you may interact with me.


'Somewhere deep inside us, we seem to know that we are destined for something better than strife.'

Desmond Tutu

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