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Fig Tree Coaching Gift Card/Coupon 

The Key Benefits of Coaching

Through powerful questioning techniques, lateral thinking outside the box, giving you space to feel and think, coaching focuses on helping the client discover answers for themselves.  This has an empowering impact on you as the client.  Coaching unlocks incredible potential and enables;

  • Greater awareness, self-discovery and clarity over what you want.
  • Greater understanding and future direction
  • Inspiration and new motivation for people to maximise their potential
  • Greater focus and being proactive
  • Improved resilience
  • Higher levels of performance and increased energy levels
  • Smarter goal setting
  • Increased confidence, social skills and soft skills
  • Better communication

Purchase a Fig Tree Coaching Gift Card/Coupon

A fabulous opportunity to purchase some coaching sessions for your parent(s), wife, husband, partner, siblings, children, friends, other family members or colleagues. 


Give a boost into the New Year with this gift.

Step 1:  Decide how many coaching sessions you wish to purchase

Step 2:  Make your purchase, filling in your name and  email details 

Step 3:  Re-visit this page and complete the details of the recipient below.

Step 4:    On Christmas Day, the recipient will receive the Coaching Gift Card via email, with a unique, allocated number.

Step 5:  The recipient then liaises with Fig Tree (information on the Gift Card) and arranges their first Coaching Session!

It is easy and what an original gift!

After purchase, please come straight back and complete.

Fig Tree Gift Card Purchase

First Name of Purchaser*

Surname of Purchaser*

Email Address of Purchaser*

How many Coaching sessions did you purchase?*

First Name of person who the gift is going to (will be written on Gift Coupon)*

Surname of person who the gift is going to*

Who do you want the Gift Card to be sent to?*


Price:  £ 50.00, plus VAT, per hour.   (One session)

(Usual price starts from £75.00, plus VAT, per hour)


Terms and Conditions:

- No more than 3 sessions can be purchased for one recipient/coachee

- Each coaching session is for one individual and will last for up to one hour

A buyer may buy several packages for different recipients, making a new purchase for each one

- All sessions must be used within six months

- Sessions cannot be booked in advanced and each appointment will be confirmed at the end of each coaching session

- Appointments will be made by mutual agreement and may include daytime, as well as evenings

- The recipient is at liberty to book further sessions at the usual price, once the Coaching Gift Card has been used or has expired

- Coaching sessions will take place between January 2022 and July 2022

- Minimum age of recipient/intended coachee is 21 years old

- The coaching will either be results-focused or about ongoing support.  This will be agreed in the first coaching session.

Refund Policy

- If a recipient fails to attend a scheduled session twice, the session will be deemed to have been used

- Fig Tree Coaches will deliver the sessions, as planned. unless there is an unavoidable emergency, in which case the recipient is guaranteed a new appointment.

- No refunds apply beyond point of sale, unless the sessions have not taken place within six months, with any delay being on the side of Fig Tree International only.

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